Deep in the heart of Texas

It's a 5:05 p.m. start here, which makes it 6:05 p.m. back home, so I'm not really sure if this is a day game or a night game. Maybe we'll call it a dusk game. Either way, it's an important one for these Phillies. They haven't won back to back games since June 12-13, the second of which was the famous - perhaps infamous? - 20-run explosion against the Cardinals.

Still no word on what the Phillies are going to do with Brett Myers. He's scheduled to pitch against July 3, which could be pushed back thanks for the off day on June 30. I've got to believe they'll be hesitant to take Chad Durbin out of the bullpen, especially if it is only for a short-term solution.


The Phils have scored 15 runs in their last two games. It's the first time they've scored seven-plus runs in back-to-back games since they hung 20 and 7 on Colorado on May 26 and 27. And it's the most they've scored in back-to-back games since that 20-run win over the Cards on Friday the 13th.


If you're a Phillies fan looking to make a baseball-related road trip in the future, there aren't much better ones than Texas. Don't think so? First of all, the Stadium is beauitful. Frankly, I think it's nicer than Citizens Bank Park, and I'm a big fan of the Bank. It really does feel like an old-school ballpark. The billboards that hang above Center Field look like something you'd see at a minor league park, there's a nice grass berm below them, the Rangers offices are in center field bordered by nice white railings and lattice work that have a retro feel to him. The second deck in right field is covered. You don't have the scenery of some other parks - the Skyline in Philly; the city in Pittsburgh, etc. -- but you don't really need it. Furthermore, there are several hotels within walking distance, along with various restaurants, and you can see Six Flags over Arlington from there. So fly in on a Friday night, go have a nice dinner, get up early on Saturday and spend the day at Six Flags, get back to the hotel, shower up, then catch the game on Saturday night.

The weather is great, too. At least it has been this weekend. It's hot, which I like, but not nearly as muggy as places like Miami or Atlanta.

I'll be expecting a check in the mail from the Dallas/Fort Worth Visitor's Bureau.