Cleaning out my inbox, Part II

Cleaning out my inbox. . .

It's amazing how fast email accumulates in my inbox. With a few hours to go before today's double dip between the Phillies and the Brewers, I figured I'd get to a few reader questions that might be of interest to the general public.

Before we get into the email though, it's interesting that we're in the exact same situation as last week. A week ago, the Phils had a chance to pull even with the Mets in the division by sweeping a doubleheader. Today, they have a chance to pull even in the wild card by sweeping a doubleheader.

I'd say the odds are a lot better today. A split is still a success, particularly since the Brewers have six games remaining against the Cubs. But a sweep could obviously completely alter the Wild Card landscape.

Anyway, on to the emails. . .

Q: You said Geoff Jenkins has played the fourth-most career games without making the playoffs. Who are the three?
  --Bob Dicello

A: The Mets' Damion Easley, the Mariners' Jose Vidro and the Giants' Randy Winn.

Q: I heard Tom McCarthy calling a college football game Saturday night from Kansas? Does he do football every weekend and if so, how will that affect his Phils duties? Does he sleep on weekends, lol? Thank and enjoy the paper and blog. Also, is it a lock (or like 80 percent chance), that Ruben gets the GM job? 
  --Robb McMahon
   Norristown, Pa

A: I tracked down Tommy Mack and he explained it thusly: because Fox televises the Saturday afternoon games, the Phillies TV announcers are out of work for a day. So Tom uses his off day to announce college football, which is where you heard him last week broadcasting the University of Kansas game. Yesterday, however, Fox asked Tom to do the national broadcast, and he gladly accepted. I watched him on TV at home (we don't have a paper Saturday so I wasn't at the park) and thought he did a fine job.
Q: Any idea what the phils record is when Howard homers? He seems to homer in a lot of losses.
  --Joseph Ralston

A: It might seem that way, but according to my calculations, the Phillies are 23-15 when Ryan Howard hits a home run. That's a winning percentage of .605, which is well above their current winning percentage of .547.

Q: Last year the issue of Jamie's possible retirement had come up a few times, and I guess he had to talk things over with his family & make a decision after the season.  But given his success this year, as there been talk--by either the Phillies or Moyer--about coming back next year (and is he even considering it?).
  --Chris Michael
    Allentown, PA

A: Moyer has said repeatedly that he plans on playing baseball again next year. He said he would like to return to Philadelphia, but neither side has pushed for contract talks. I think both team and player will wait until the offseason, then evaluate their respective options.