Charlie Manuel called Jimmy Rollins' shot

Charlie Manuel hugs Jimmy Rollins after his game winning hit on Monday. Manuel said today he called Rollins' shot. (Ron Cortes / Staff Photographer)

Were you surprised by Jimmy Rollins' walk-off two-run double with two out in the bottom of the ninth last night?

Charlie Manuel wasn't.

In fact, the Phillies manager said today that he called Rollins' shot, pointing to right field moments before the short stop unleashed his laser of a double, which scored Carlos Ruiz and Eric Bruntlett and lifted the Phillies to a 5-4 win.

According to Manuel, the sequence of events went like this: During Rollins ' at-bat, Manuel looked over to the visiting dugout and locked eyes with Dodgers slugger Jim Thome, a long-time friend whom he managed in Cleveland. Manuel says he then pointed to right field, indicating where Rollins was going to hit the ball.

"Thome is standing over in the other dugout, and Thome looks at me, and I motion like that," Manuel said, holding out his arm. "I told Thome, he is going to hit one. I go like this (points finger) and point to the right field stands. I did, but I had a good feeling about it. It wasn't like I was joking or kidding or nothing.

"He was looking at me, and I went like that, and he's shaking his head like no, he's not, or something like that. You can ask him. I had a real good feeling. I was talking to (bench coach Pete) Mackanin the whole time. With Jimmy up there, I liked that moment. I liked the guy hitting."

Readers, your mission: Find me video proof of the Called Shot.