Charlie Manuel essentially just named Dom Brown an everyday corner outfielder

Philadelphia Phillies right fielder Domonic Brown (9) in the duguout in a spring training baseball game at Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, Fla., Saturday, March 16, 2013. (AP Photo/Kathy Willens)

Really, the Phillies don't have any logical option other than making Domonic Brown one of their everyday corner outfielders. Still, Charlie Manuel has held off on making any official proclamations on his roster. But I'd say he did just that when he told Brown and Ryan Howard to stay home from tonight's night game in Fort Myers. It's a little thing, but Fort Myers is the longest bus trip of the spring, and most players would rather not make it, and this trip is particularly bad because the game is at night, which means the Phillies bus probably won't be getting back to Clearwater until after midnight. It's the kind of trip that Manuel pencils you in for if you have something to prove.

Clearly, Brown does not have anything left to prove. He has been solid on defense, spectacular at the plate, and, again, is the only logical option for opening up the season in left or right field. The way I see it, Manuel essentially confirmed that by allowing him to stay home along with Howard, who would probably share spring co-MVP honors with Brown if the Phillies awarded such a thing. 

Making the trip are John Mayberry and Laynce Nix, who figure to rotate in some fashion at the other corner outfield spot until Delmon Young returns, and Darin Ruf, who appears to have found his swing after a tough start but still needs to get more comfortable in the outfield and thus is likely headed to Triple-A. Starting at Brown's natural position of right field is Pete Orr, who has played exactly one inning there in his big league career. 

Anyway, that's about as much as I can milk out of today's lineup. Cole Hamels is starting. Mike Stutes and Jeremy Horst are also scheduled to pitch:


  1. Ben Revere CF
  2. Pete Orr RF
  3. Jimmy Rollins SS
  4. Michael Young 3B
  5. Laynce Nix LF
  6. Carlos Ruiz C
  7. John Mayberry Jr. 1B
  8. Freddy Galvis 2B
  9. Cole Hamels LHP