Better late than never? Castillo expected to arrive this afternoon

Luis Castillo in now expected to report to Clearwater this afternoon. (Carlos Osorio/AP Photo)

Amaro just offered a more expansive explanation of the situation in a briefing with reporters. Apparently, Castillo was under the impression that he had all day to report to Clearwater. The Phillies, however, were anticipating his arrival in time for today's game. They had a doctor at Bright House Field waiting to administer a physical to the second baseman. But somewhere in the communication between the Phillies and agent Seth Levinson and Levinson and his client, the signals got crossed.

"It was a little bit of a mis-communication with his agent," Amaro said.

Amaro said Castillo was actually driving across the state and not flying, as was the impression earlier today. Although Amaro admitted he was "surprised" when Castillo did not show up today, he said it well not affect the team's evaluation process.

"I talked to him a couple minutes ago," the GM said. "He's excited."


UPDATE: 11:14 a.m.

Phils manager Charlie Manuel was not eager to talk about the situation, but said he was not upset by it.

"I didn't talk to Castillo," he said. "I was told he was going to be here and I put him in my line-up."

Castillo is expected to arrive around 1 p.m. today. General manager Ruben Amaro Jr. said the delay was a result of a miscommunication between Castillo and his agent. Amaro said he expects that Castillo will play tomorrow. Manuel did not originally have him in the line-up he posted for tomorrow, although those line-ups often change.

"I'll play him," Manuel said. "We'll look at him."

Manuel said he wasn't disappointed with Castillo. 

"If it was me, I would've been here two days ago, but it's not me," Manuel said. "But I'm not upset or anything. When he gets here, we'll suit him up and see what he can do."


UPDATE: ESPN Deportes is reporting that Castillo is flying from Miami to Clearwater right now, and that "confusion con reservacion hotel," which translated literally to "confusion with hotel reservation," affected the plan.


There is no official word from the Phillies on why Luis Castillo has not reported to spring training in Clearwater, but Charlie Manuel was definitely expecting him. Manuel had the newly-signed second baseman in his line-up against the Blue Jays today, but those plans were scuttled when he was informed that Castillo is not yet physically in camp.

Later in the morning, bench coach Pete Mackanin posted the line-up for Wednesday's game in Port Charlotte, and Castillo was not in that line-up either. That line-up could easily change, of course.

Castillo lives in Miami and was previously training in Port St. Lucie, both of which are about a four-hour drive from Clearwater. Castillo and the Phillies reached an agreement on a minor league deal Sunday night. Club officials said yesterday they expected the second baseman to arrive sometime that afternoon or night.

The Phillies don't owe Castillo any money unless they purchase his contract and add him to the active roster. For the time being, the Mets are due to pick up his entire $6 million salary. If Castillo does suit up for the Phillies in the majors, they will owe him $414,000.

Including today, the Phillies have nine games remaining before Opening Day. Since Castillo isn't playing today, he'll have at most eight games to win a spot on the big league roster. Assuming, of course, he reports to camp.

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