Burrell: Back is fine

Phillies left fielder Pat Burrell, pictured here earlier this week, says his back is fine. (Sarah J. Glover / Staff Photographer)

Just got back from a press conference featuring Pat Burrell and Charlie Manuel. The big news regarding Burrell is that there is no news. His back came out of yesterday's game fine. Burrell said he never thought he'd miss the NLDS opener, despite Manuel's admission that he was concerned enough to have two line-ups drawn up in case Burrell couldn't go.

"The truth is, I wouldn't have taken the field if I thought in any way I would jeopardize the team and the position we are in," Burrell said, "because ultimately that is the most important thing. Do I want to play? Of course, especially now going through the whole year and everything else. But the most important thing is the team and you can't be selfish there and make something personal more important than the team."