Bulletin board material for Phillies

Occupying a central place in the Phillies clubhouse is a large bulletin board, which features the daily lineup, the pitching schedule, and other assorted odds and ends that need to be seen by the entire team. It sits next to a refrigerator that is stocked with water. My favorite thing about the bulletin board this spring had been the requisite OSHA posting that lists the number of work days missed due to injury over the previous year (it is something like 668 days). But yesterday a new item appeared. It is a photocopy of a graphic from a publication -- it looks like Baseball America, although I'm not positive -- that breaks down the major league batting averages on balls in play on swings in certain counts. The graphic illustrates what every hitting coach preaches: get the count in your favor, and you've got a better chance of getting a pitch that you can turn into a pitch. The moral: work the count. 

I don't know who posted the photocopy, but I don't remember anything like it ever being posted before. 

Just an interesting little tidbit for a team that has been criticized for its approach at the plate.