Frequently Asked Questions about yesterday's loss

Let me start by saying that the American Midwest is a straaange place. Some say that St. Louis is Baseball Heaven. And it is, but only because most of its residents seem to live in some strange cathedral of innocence not-yet-lost, where Eisenhower is President and Baseball is King. That's not necesarilly a bad thing. Just different. I was waiting to cross a street on foot the other day when a car slowed down and stopped on a green light to let me go. On a green light. They don't boo in St. Louis. At least not individual players. Again, not a bad thing. Just different.


Some F.A.Q.s about yesterday's game:

Q: How's Molina?

A: Sounds like he's going to be OK. The word is they kept him in the hospital overnight. But as far as I've heard, the diagnosis is a mild concussion.

Q: Was it a dirty play?

A: Absolutely not. Tony LaRusa absolved Eric Bruntlett of any game. It's just a good, hard baseball play.

Q: Would he have been safe if he had slid?

A: Maybe. Charlie Manuel says he should have slid. But Bruntlett said the plate was blocked. In hindisight, of course you slide. But keep in mind that a baserunner has about a second to make that decision, so it's tough to put too much blame on Bruntlett.

Q: What happened on the line drive by Victorino?

A: Bruntlett momentarilly headed back to second on Victorino's liner to right field, costing him a shot at scoring from second. But that a tougher play than it looks. Keep in mind there was only one out. Bruntlett's first thought and first responsibility is to avoid getting caught off second on a lineout. Manuel said afterward he thinks Bruntlett could have scored if he had gone on contact, but that he was right to follow his instincts and hesitate before going. Either way, the winning run was at third with less than two outs.


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