Billy Wagner takes Phillies fans to task

This is a day old, but I just ran across it for the first time in the New York Post. . .

Billy Wagner was very critical of Philadelphia sports fans after an incident on Friday night in which Phillies fans appeared to cheer when infielder Jose Reyes was hurt sliding head first into second base for a stolen base.

"This is about the only place I've seen that. Shoot, they booed Santa Claus," Wagner told the Post. "They've taken this to a whole new level when you're cheering for somebody to get hurt."

Can't say I disagree with him, though I'd say that cheering Michael Irvin is a more relevant example than booing Santa Claus. I cringed a little bit when Reyes went down and a roar went up in the crowd. But the applause settled down as it became more apparent that Reyes might have been seriously hurt (it wasn't). And when he finally got up, he was rewarded with the obligatory "glad he's alright" applause. From what I remember, the booing started when the umpires allowed Reyes to jog around in the out field and then remain on base. I think the boos were directed more at the delay than the player.

That said, it was still one of those moments where you were a little embarassed for the city. But it wasn't anywhere close to the cheers Irvin drew when he went down at Veterans Stadium -- and I was at both games.

I guess the moral of the story is, don't be a jerk when you go to a sporting event. It reflects poorly on your city.