Benson plays catch; return still TBA

I ran into Kris Benson just before taking off for Fort Myers yesterday. The veteran right-hander still doesn't know when he is going to get back on the mound, but he took a small step yesterday by playing catch. It'll be interesting to see how the arm feels today. It's kind of a day-to-day thing, with Benson listening to his body and then communicating what it is saying to the Phillies' coaching staff and trainers.

A couple of people have asked me over the past few days what will happen if Adam Eaton pitches well the first month of the season. Where would that leave Benson? Quite frankly -- apologies, Stephen A. -- it's far too early to even worry about that sort of situation. Eight different Phillies started at least 10 games last season. In 2006, nine pitchers started at least eight games. In 2005, six started at least 13 games. In 2004, seven started at least 10.

You get the idea. . .things happen in baseball, particularly when it comes to pitching.