Ben Revere is leading off against the Braves, and it probably means diddly

Charlie Manuel was managing a team that reached the postseason five years in a row. He is not managing that team now. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

It figures that on the day that I spend about 250 words of a column explaining why Jimmy Rollins will be the Phillies leadoff hitter once the season starts, Charlie Manuel decides to bat Ben Revere at No. 1 and Rollins at No. 2. But I also spent 250 words in the same column explaining why some biblical scholars believe that the Book of Ecclisiastes was written by a sports writer covering spring training. Meaningless, meaningless, everything under the sun is, indeed, meaningless. Charlie Manuel will get a look at a number of lineup permutations over the course of the spring, but I just can't see it falling any way other than Jimmy Rollins leading off, unless Chase Utley is leading off, and that has less of a chance of happening than Revere leading off. Probably the best evidence that Manuel is just messing with your mind is that the Phillies are playing the exact team that should cause him to want to split up lefties Chase Utley and Ryan Howard in the batting order. The Braves are starting lefty Paul Maholm, and they have lefties Jonny Venters and Eric O'Flaherty in the bullpen (although probably not today). 

Here's a look at that situation, and four others that we can safely examine at this juncture. 

And here's the aforementioned lineup against Maholm:


  1. Ben Revere CF
  2. Jimmy Rollins SS
  3. Chase Utley 2B
  4. Ryan Howard 1B
  5. Michael Young 3B
  6. Domonic Brown RF
  7. Darin Ruf LF
  8. Laynce Nix DH
  9. Erik Kratz C
For the Phillies, Cole Hamels is on the mound. 
That's all for now.