Bees swarm Bright House; Utley plays four

I lived in Tampa for 3.5 years. All in all, it was an enjoyable experiences. But one of my biggest beefs with the state of Florida is that there are far too many animals who can kill, maim or otherwise injure you. There are snakes and spiders and alligators. And, apparently, there are bee swarms, as we found out today when a cloud of the insection descended on Bright House Field, obscuring my view of Chan Ho Park's brilliant outing (4 2/3 scoreless, three hits, six strikeouts), and sending fans in the lower bowl scurrying up to the concourse. The game was never halted, although players in the Phillies dugout took notice, ignoring the game to gape and point at the swarms of bees that buzzed around for a couple of innings before a breeze ushered them out of the stadium.

Good times.


Chase Utley played four innings and did not have to field a ball at second base, although he did record the put-out on a fielders' choice in the second inning.

Utley, playing in his first Grapefruit League game since undergoing hip surgery on Nov. 24, went 0-for-2. He struck out looking on a 2-2 pitch in his first at-bat, then hit a hard grounder to first base in his second at-bat. He didn't appear to have any problems breaking out of the box on the groundout.


It is 1-0 in the sixth inning. The only run of the game came on a blast by Jayson Werth that exited Bright House Field in a hurry, clearing the Tiki Bar and crashing down somewhere outside of the premises. Werth has two fo the Phillies' five hits, including a double in teh fourth inning.