Arbitration numbers are in

Joe Blanton is asking for $10.25 million while the Phillies have offered $7.5 million. (AP File Photo)

The Phillies and their three remaining arbitration eligible players have exchanged contract numbers.

Here is the rundown:

* Righthander Joe Blanton, who made $5.475 million last season, is asking for $10.25 million. The Phillies have offered $7.5 million.

* Catcher Carlos Ruiz, who made $475,000 is asking for $2.5 million his first year of eligibility. The team is offering $1.7 million.

* Centerfielder Shane Victorino, who made $3.175 million last year, is asking for $5.8 million. The Phillies have offered $4.75 million.

The team and the players can continue to negotiate a contract, either for one year or a multiyear deal, until the time of a scheduled hearing. The panel of arbitrators can select either the player's figure or the team's figure, but cannot come up with another figure.

Hearings are scheduled to begin Feb. 1.

Earlier in the day, the Phillies announced that reliever Chad Durbin avoided arbitration by agreeing to a 1-year deal worth $2.125 million.

More to come.

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