Apparently at least 1,800 Washingtonians don't care if you take over Nationals Park

“You’re definitely better off with a park full of your own fans at home compared to a park full of somebody else’s fans at home. I think it’s good.” Jayson Werth said. (Ann Heisenfelt/AP file photo)

We've already written way too much on this topic, but since we helped give the Nationals the publicity they were seeking by writing about their "Take Back the Park" campaign, we feel obligated to point out the following:

As of five minutes ago, there were roughly 5,000 tickets available on StubHub for the Phillies' first series of the season in Washington.

You and 1,800 of your closest friends can purchase tickets for the series opener on Friday, May 5th. Only have 1,000 friends? The Saturday game is probably best for you. Interested in nationally-televised ball? You can purchase more than 1,900 tickets for the Sunday night game. 

A quick search found that you could purchase 17 tickets together for $18.99.