Amaro on the trade market

Over the weekend, I wrote here that I had a gut feeling that the Phillies would make a deal at some point in the near future, definitely before the All-Star Break in a couple of weeks. Over the past few days, I've been feeling more and more that my gut is misleading me. Don't get me wrong. The Phillies would love to make a move. But right now, there don't seem to be a whole lot of options. Take Colorado righthander Jason Marquis, whom the team views as a potential fit. The Rockies have won 17 of 19 games, going from a team 12 games under .500 to a playoff contender.

Here is general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. summing up the trade market today:

“I think things will heat up late, because everybody is still kind of in it,” Amaro said. “There are no real teams bailing, or stepping out of this thing. There’s going to be a pretty vicious fight for probably two of the division in our league, and certainly for the Wild Card. There are so many teams that are still involved. I don’t expect that to change a whole lot over the next month, but it will start to crystallize a little bit more as we start to get into the middle of July.”


As those who follow me on Twitter know, Brad Lidge will be activated tomorrow.

Myself and a couple other reporters spoke briefly with the closer before the game. There isn't much new to report that you didn't already read in today's paper. But he doesn't think he will be limited once he does get back onto the mound. There are no guarantees that the problem is completely gone. Who knows what might happen if he turns awkwardly while fielding a bunt or covering first. But right now, he says he can feel the difference in the knee when he delivers to the plate. He is moving in a straight line toward the catcher, rather than falling away. That has led to improved command of both his slider and his fastball.

I'm sure everyone is anxious to see how that plays back at the big league level.