Alex Trebek declares war on Philadelphia

If you ever get the opportunity to throw a witty comeback into the face of Alex Trebek on national television, hopefully you will take better advantage of it than Brandon Libby of Mt. Ephraim, New Jersey did tonight. Libby, a new contestant on tonight's episode of Jeopardy, describes himself as an actor and Phillie Phanstormer in the open, which, naturally, prompted a question from Trebek during the get-to-know-you interlude in the middle of the opening round. To be honest, I had never heard of the Phanstormers until tonight, but Libby says that the Phanatic is a "near, dear friend" of his, so I'll take him at his word.

Anyway, as you will see in the video below, Trebek absolutely CLOWNS the Phillies after Libby boasts that the team's accomplishments "speak for itself." Now, there are many ways to respond to Alex Trebek after he busts on your favorite baseball team:

-In your best Sean Connery voice, say, "You think you're pretty smart, don't you, Trebek? What with your [ethnic slur deleted] mustache and your greasy hair!"

-Tell him to go back to Ontario and play some pond hockey.

-Throw a D battery at him.

Personally, I would have spent the rest of the first round mispronoucning the category names. But Libby squandered the chance to defend the honor of his city, managing a meager "Hey, hey. . ."

Look, the last thing you expect when you show up for your Jeopardy taping is to get OWNED by Trebek. But beneath that intellectual exterior lies a stone cold assassin. So be prepared.