A spoon full of sugar? Cold laser therapy? The Don Draper diet?

Chase Utley has been watching his teammates play since spring training began two weeks ago. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

When John Darley and Bibb Latane conducted their landmark studies on pluarlistic ignorance and bystander apathy, they clearly did not gather a group of Phillies fans into a room and gauge their reactions to a hobbled second baseman with chronic knee pain. I know this because my email inbox has been flooded with messages expressing both dire concern and helpful remedies for alleviating the patellar tendinitis that currently threatens his immediate playing future.

I have been advised to advise Utley about numerous difference scenarios, from waiting a few weeks to see if the cortisone injection results in a delayed reaction, to something called cold laser therapy. I am prepared to forward every email I receive to Ruben Amaro Jr., because he made it very clear that the team was in the process of soliciting opinions, and I don't think he specified whether he wanted those opinions to be of the professional variety.

Personally, I find the best remedy to knee pain is to cease all physical activity, post up on the couch with a bag of Pepperoni Pizza Combos, and catch up on back episodes of Mad Men. Speaking of which, Donald Draper looks to be in pretty good shape, and he exists solely on a diet of Lucky Strikes, whiskey, and vulnerable women. Perhaps Utley and Amaro should consider that option.

Anyway, I tend not to put too much stock in the opinions of people -- doctors or otherwise -- who do not have first-hand knowledge of an injury. As Phils athletic trainer Scott Sheridan said yesterday, everybody is different. There is a reason doctors diagnose patients in person, and not via newspaper articles and blog accounts.

But if you are looking for some general information on Utley's condition, and his prospects, the best account I have come across is from ESPN's lovely and talented Stephania Bell, who was in Clearwater yesterday.


More coverage from Panda Utley Watch '11:

--I wasn't really sure how to write the events of yesterday for the paper. After all, most Phillies fans had been reading about everything all day, and were well versed in the nuts and bolts of chondromalacia and patellar tendinitis. So I pretty much wrote the sequence of events, highlighted what I believed to be the critical comments, and let folks draw their own conclusions.

--Paul Hagen looks at the various references that were made to Utley's future beyond '11. Are they ominous?


As you can read here, the two-year extension between the Phillies and Charlie Manuel is official.


Antonio Bastardo has been added to the list of pitchers scheduled to face the Yankees today at Bright House Field. Bastardo was supposed to pitch on Tuesday, but he was excused from camp for an important family matter that arose.

The starting pitching match-up is a good one: Roy Halladay against ace lefty C.C. Sabathia.

Here is the Phils' line-up:

  1. Jimmy Rollins SS
  2. Shane Victorino CF
  3. Placido Polanco 3B
  4. Ben Francisco RF
  5. John Mayberry Jr. 1B
  6. Delwyn Young RF
  7. Carlos Ruiz C
  8. Matt Miller DH
  9. Josh Barfield 2B

Scheduled to pitch:

  1. RHP Roy Halladay
  2. RHP J.C. Ramirez
  3. RHP Mike Stutes
  4. RHP Michael Schwimer
  5. RHP Justin De Fratus
  6. LHP Antonio Bastardo



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