A look at the corner outfielders who have signed

The Phillies' three-year, $31.5 million deal to Raul Ibanez is the richest contract awarded to a corner outfielder this offseason. (AP / File photo)

By now most of you have likely heard that former Phillie Bobby Abreu has agreed to a deal with the Los Angeles Angels that will pay him $5 million plus expenses. If that seems ridiculously low for a player who hit .296/.371/.471 with 20 home runs and 100 RBI last season, well, it probably is. After all, Abreu was hoping for a multi-year deal worth closer to what he was making last season ($16 million) annually.

But, on the same day, Adam Dunn signed with the Nationals for two-years and $20 million.

It's been a bizarre market, for sure, one that I can't really seem to figure out. It's of interest to Phillies fans because they were one of the big players in the corner outfield market this season. In fact, their 3-year, $31.5 million contract with Raul Ibanez is the richest deal awarded to a corner outfielder thus far.

You can look at it two ways: the Phillies might have overpaid, or they were wise to snatch the guy they had targeted early before having to settle for someone else.

Personally, I think it was the latter. After all, the last thing this line-up needed was another big-power, little-contact lefty like Dunn, and Bradley has plenty of question marks with both his health and attitude. But time will tell.

Anyway, here are the significant contracts awarded to corner outfielders this year:

Raul Ibanez, Mariners/Phillies, 3 years, $31.5 million
Milton Bradley, Rangers/Cubs, 3 years, $30 million
Adam Dunn, Diamondbacks/Nationals, 2 years, $20 million
Pat Burrell, Phillies/Rays, 2 years, $16 million
Juan Rivera, Angels/Angels, 3 years, $12.75 million
Bobby Abreu, Yankees/Angels, 1 year, $6 million

Manny Ramirez, Dodgers
Garrett Anderson, Angels
Ken Griffey Jr., White Sox

Ibanez's contract is the eighth-richest in terms of total dollars doled out this offseason. It is the fourth-richest National League contract, behind Atlanta's 4-year, $60 million deal with Derek Lowe, the Cubs 4 year, $52 million deal with Ryan Dempster, and the combined $73 million over three years the Mets doled out to pitchers Francisco Rodriguez and Oliver Perez.