Mr. September

I present to you Ryan Howard's stats for September of 2008, along with his National League ranks:

Batting Average: .396 (6th)

Home Runs: 8 (1st)

RBI: 22 (1st)

On base percentage: .448 (10th)

Slugging percentage: 1.000 (1st)

Runs: 16 (T-2nd)

OPS: 1.448 (2nd)

Strikeouts: 12 (T-20th)

Not impressed yet?

Here are his career numbers in the month. All of the following are his highest totals of any month in the season:

 .320 BA, .440 OBP, .723 SLG, 1.163 OPS, 41 HR, 101 RBI, 79 BB, 181 Runs.


J.A. Happ Watch '08 officially concludes tonight as the lefty finally gets back on the mound for a start.

Should be very interesting to see how he does nearly three months in between big league starts.


I appreciate all the emails from all the grammatical fanatics out there, particularly Richard Tuoni of West Kingston, RI who writes:

I teach English as a Second Language and usually tell my foreign speaking students that if they can master the subjective and objective case pronouns they will speak better than most native English speakers, especially sports commentators (between you and I, and almost never the correct "between you and me").  most sports writers treat the word "me" like a four letter expletive. Please be an exception and be more careful with your grammar.

There was a glaring error in the opening to my game story last night. Indeed, it should have read that Howard's two-run home run scored "both HIM and Jayson Werth," and not "both HE and Jayson Werth."

Personal direct object pronouns everywhere thank you all for your concern.

And apologies to Mrs. Tetor, my 10th grade English teacher.