Quintero catching Halladay against Mets

The Phillies are going with Humberto Quintero behind the plate tonight against the Mets. With Erik Kratz behind the plate against the Braves on Wednesday, Halladay allowed five runs in 3 1/3 innings. While Halladay has a close relationship wtih usual regular Carlos Ruiz, who is serving a 25-game suspension for a positive stimulant test, he and Kratz worked together in seven starts last season. In fact, Halladay's numbers were better with Kratz than they were with Ruiz. That doesn't mean Kratz caught Halladay "better" than Ruiz. There are way too many variables involved to use pitcher performance to compare catchers. But we can at least say that Kratz was not an obvious liability with Halladay on the mound last season:

Halladay with Carlos Ruiz in 2012: 17 starts, 98 innings, 5.42 ERA, 3.91 K/BB ratio

Halladay with Erik Kratz in 2012: 7 starts, 48 innings, 3.00 ERA, 4.11 K/BB