Halladay sent home for second straight day

Phillies general manager Ruben Amaro Jr. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

Ruben Amaro Jr. arrived at ESPN's Wide World of Sports Complex for Monday's Phillies-Braves game shortly before noon.

The Phillies GM was away from the team this weekend and spent his first few minutes chatting with all of the principle people in Lake Buena Vista, including manager Charlie Manuel and pitching coach Rich Dubee. You can place a good bet that the name "Roy Halladay" came up in conversation.

Halladay, back in Clearwater, went sent home for the second straight day with a stomach illness. Halladay threw just 25 pitches in one inning of work on Sunday before getting sick and exiting the game early.

Here is what Amaro had to say regarding Halladay:

Q: What's the current status on Halladay?

Amaro: He’s still sick. We sent him home again today.

Q: So no idea when he'll be throwing again?

Amaro: We’re going to wait until he gets healthy and then we’ll figure out what his schedule is.

Q: Does Jonathan Papelbon have the same thing (he was scratched from his scheduled appearance on Sunday)?

Amaro: I think he’s doing a little bit better today, he had to take an I.V. yesterday.

Q: This is the second time Papelbon has been sick this spring, right?

Amaro: He had something else about two weeks ago.

Q: Any concern here, two pretty important pitchers out?

Amaro: It’s obviuously some kind of virus. Those are the only two guys right now. Hopefully there won’t be anymore.

Q: How do you grade where Halladay is at right now, obviously didn't pitch well last Tuesday, complained of feeling "lethargic?"

Amaro: We just have to wait for him to get healthy and get back on the mound. We can’t really say much about it other than wait until he gets back on the mound. Roy is Roy. I would assume he’s going to be ready. But we have to make sure he gets healthy first.

Q: Season starts two weeks from today. Is there enough time for him to get ready?

Amaro: Yeah, I think so. I talked to (Dubee) about it, we think we can still get him ready. But first thing is first we have to try to get him back healthy so we can get him on the mound again.

Q: I imagine you have to be disappointed, wanted to see him bounce back following that start Tuesday...

Amaro: Yeah, I’m sure Roy was. But you can’t do anything about it. It’s like the rain, like the weather. You can’t do anything about sickness.