Phils win (and lose); Myers strong, Durbin so-so

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Brett Myers is hoping Japan-gate won't be his greatest contribution to the team this season

Three things from the day:

1) BRETT MYERS: The starter-turned-closer-turned-starter pitched four scoreless over in Dunedin, according to my colleague Paul Hagen. Everyone downplays spring training. But there's nothing wrong with a nice outing.

2) J.D. DURBIN: Dubrin has to pitch his you-know-what off if he hopes to seriously challenge for the No. 5 spot in the rotation. Today, he allowed four hits in four innings, but three of them were home runs. His line looks worse than his performance, but the feeling I get is that the No. 5 spot in the rotation the first week of the season will belong to one of the two guys pitching tomorrow: Adam Eaton or Chad Durbin. J.D. said after the game the three home runs all came on split-fingered fastball. He was really energized after his performance and said he felt great. It's still wayyyy too early to call him out of contention. But he needs to earn a lot of trust for the team to throw him out there as a starter. One member of the organization who saw him pitch called the performance "so-so." In other words, it wasn't bad, but it wasn't great either.

3) VALENTINO PASCUCCI: I've been waiting forever to have a reason to write that name. I think it is cool. He hit a home run today. I'll write it again: Valentino Pascoooooooooooocheee.