Lidge's surgery successful

Got an update this morning from trainer Scott Sheridan and assistant-GM Ruben Amaro. Brad Lidge had successful surgery this morning and is expected to return to Clearwater tomorrow. He'll begin long-tossing in about a week. Amaro and Sheridan are still hopeful that he'll get some innings in before the end of spring training.

As we told you yesterday, the normal recovery timeline for this type of operation is three to six weeks. Opening day is 34 days away, so if Lidge's recovery falls closer to three weeks, he should be able to get some time on the mound in spring training.

"Basically, they went in and cleaned out 15 to 18 percent of (the miniscus) which leaves him about 80 percent of the meniscus left, which is nice" Sheridan said. "For us, it was really the best case scenario, that that was the only thing going on. His other side of the knee tha the had repaired was fine."