Lidge looking on the bright side; will miss 3 to 6 weeks

It was hard to read Brad Lidge when we talked to him this afternoon. On one hand, he seemed relieved that a relatively minor surgery would correct the injury he suffered yesterday during practice. On the other, he seemed disappointed that he'll miss three to six weeks recovering, which puts his status for opening day in jeopardy.

"I’m upset that it happened, but obviously, potentially it could have been worse and I’m happy to see there was no big damage done and that I’ll be able to get back in there fairly quick," Lidge said. "But of course you don’t want something like this to have to happen. Better now than during the season."

Lidge said he had two options: under go a partial miniscectomy, a procedure in which part of the miniscus is actually removed. The other was to rest the knee for two to three weeks before attempting to pitch again.

An MRI revealed small tears on the medial, or inner, part of his knee. Rather than repair the cartilage, Dr. Michael Ciccotti will actually remove it.

The three-to-six week timetable that Phillies trainer Scott Sheridan gave is for a full recovery, meaning Lidge could be back before the end of spring training. He can begin playing catch after a week.

"I actually felt like I was a little ahead of where I would normally be in spring training at this same time before this happened, so I can kind of fall back on that, but I’ll certainly need a few times throwing to guys which I’m sure I’ll probably get in at the end of the spring training," Lidge said. "Hopefully I can get ready quick and obviously hitters will tell us that as well as how I’m feeling."