At long last: A resolution to Spinal Flap!

This might not exactly qualify as earth-shattering news on most of the planet, but considering the ruckus that accompanied Cole Hamels' request for a chiropractor last year, we figure we'll pass it on: the Phillies are making arrangements for players to have access to back specialists throughout the season.

You might remember Cole Hamels making a public plea for the Phillies to hire a chiropractor. It happened last season while he was on the disabled list with an elbow strain. Hamels contended that if he had access to a chiropractor, particularly on the road, his injury might have been avoided.

The Phillies didn't add a chiropractor last season, but assistant general manager Ruben Amaro confirmed today that the club is planning on hiring one to serve players at Citizen's Bank Park. Also, the club is setting up a network of chiropractors around the country for players to use when they are on the road.

Hamels told me earlier this week that he gets "chiropractic massage" two to three times a week. He says that it is "agony" when you go through it, but that your body feels like "a million bucks" when you are done.

He also complimented the strides the Phillies have made since last season in the chiropractic and massage departments.

“I know they are more open to the situation, so I think that’s the best,” said Hamels, who went 15-5 with a 3.39 ERA last season despite missing a month with an elbow strain. “I think they’ve been doing everything they possibly can with getting the massage therapists in . . .it’s kind of the new way of training and keeping in shape, so we’ll see what happens.”