Town in Wyoming selling for $1.5M

Pictured here is the General Store in Alladin, Wyo., which has been operating for 118 years. This store, along with 14 other buildings and 30 acres of land, come with the $1.5 million asking price for the town.

Think $1.5 million is a lot for a home in Pennsylvania? Imagine getting an entire town for that price tag.

That’s the asking price for a small town in northeastern Wyoming named Alladin.

At one point 200 people lived in the small town; mainly people who worked at a nearby coal mine. But now only 15 people – five families – make up 30-acre town, according to a recent report on CNN.

Purchasing the town would get you 15 buildings, including an 118-year-old general store and post office that’s still operating.

According to CNN, the current owner, Judy Brengle, has owned the northwest town for 28 years. It was a gift from her husband.

She’s selling the town now so she can focus on other aspects of her life.

"There are things we need to do on the ranch that we haven't," Brengle told CNN affiliate KEVN. "We have another store in South Dakota and we're busy going back and forth and we'd like more time to travel."


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