In honor of pride month, real estate agency Trulia partnered with dating app OkCupid to assess home values in neighborhoods with large gay populations across the nation, finding that the premium to live in these neighborhoods has risen dramatically since 2017. Today, those neighborhoods will cost about 36.8 percent more to buy property in than others.

Philadelphia doesn't crack the national top 10 neighborhoods on what the report calls "pride scores" (a figure assigned to zip codes based on self-identified same-sex households from the latest American Community survey and OkCupid users searching for same-sex partners there), but it came in at seventh on the list for American metro areas where home values are climbing in pride neighborhoods.

Locally, you're going to pay about a 58 percent premium – about $173 per square foot – to live in pride neighborhoods in Philadelphia. In the 19107 zip code, data revealed nearly a 30 percent premium increase to live in the Gayborhood since 2012.

Nationally, demand for pride neighborhoods is up in New York, New Orleans and Boston but down in Miami, Buffalo and San Francisco. Proving once again that none of us can afford to live in San Francisco.

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