Real estate firm Trulia has whipped up a short quiz that can point you in the right metro direction if you're willing to move to find love. If you're a man in search of a woman, Philadelphia might top your list. Ladies looking for men are likelier to hear San Francisco. It's a good thing the quiz doesn't include the actual real estate market into account.

To reach these conclusions, researchers used government data – which, it must be said, really only exists abundantly for hetero relationships – to examine the ratios of single men to single women, their age ranges, how many hours a week they are likely to work, how many degrees they have and whether they've been previously married.

In Philly, 65 percent of adult women are single. The pool of single ladies is mostly in their 20s, and mostly working less than 40 hours each week. Nearly 24 percent have a college degree and most have never been married before. Single women in Philadelphia outnumber single men at a ratio of 0.769, ranking in the top ten cities nationwide for the disparity.

While the numbers aren't as encouraging for women looking for men, it's interesting to note that Philly has the largest overall percentage of single men and women of all 100 metros analyzed for the survey. Take a look at the whole report here.

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