Football: Team by team look at WJFL schedule

By Phil Anastasia

Here's a team by team breakdown of the WJFL 2014 and 2015 football schedules for South Jersey squads.

This breakdown is in order of the games, but home and away are not listed:


Burlington City: Florence, Bishop Eustace, Bordentown, Riverside, Salem, New Egypt, Cinnaminson, Maple Shade, Palmyra

Florence: Burlington City, Pemberton, New Egypt, Holy Cross, Palmyra, Pitman,, Maple Shade, Bordentown, Riverside

Maple Shade: Palmyra, Woodstown, Riverside, Pitman, New Egypt, Clayton, Florence, Wildwood, Burlington City

New Eygpt: Riverside, Pitman, Florence, Wildwood, Maple Shade, Burlington City, Clayton, Palmyra, Bordentown

Palmyra: Maple Shade, Holy Cross, Woodrow Wilson, Florence, Wildwood, Riverside, Gloucester Catholic, New Egypt, Burlington City

Riverside: New Egypt, Wildwood, Maple Shade, Clayton, Burlington City, Robbinsville, Palmyra, Pitman, Florence


Clayton: Pennsville, Robbinsville, Riverside, Wildwood, Maple Sahde, Gloucester, New Egypt, Salem, Pitman

Gloucester: Wildwood, Deptford, Salem, Glassboro, Pitman, Clayton, Schalick, Pennsville, Gloucester Catholic

Pennsville: Clayton, Schalick, Wildwood, Woodstown, Salem, Pitman, Highland, Gloucester, Penns Grove

Pitman: Salem, New Egypt, Maple Shade, Gloucester, Florence, Pennsville, Riverside, Wildwood, Clayton

Salem: Pitman, Glassboro, Gloucester, Penns Grove, Pennsville, Burlington City, Wildwood, Clayton, Woodstown

Wildwood: Gloucester, Riverside, Pennsville, New Egypt, Clayton, Palmyra, Salem, Maple Shade, Pitman


Deptford: Schalick, Gloucester, Penns Grove, Camden Catholic, Gloucester Catholic, Highland, Pemberton, Woodstown, Glassboro

Glassboro: Gloucester Catholic, Salem, Schalick, Gloucester, Woodstown, Camden, Bishop Eustace, Penns Grove, Deptford

Gloucester Catholic: Glassboro, Camden Catholic, Woodstown, Bishop Eustace, Deptford, Penns Grove, Palmyra, Schalick, Gloucester

Penns Grove: Woodstown, Cumberland, Deptford, Salem, Schalick, Gloucester Catholic, Camden, Glassboro, Pennsville

Schalick: Deptford, Pennsville, Glassboro, Penns Grove, Woodrow Wilson, Woodstown, Gloucester, Gloucester Catholic, Cumberland

Woodstown: Penns Grove, Maple Shade, Gloucester Catholic, Pennsville, Glassboro, Cumberland, Schalick, Deptford, Salem

LIBERTY (SJ teams)

Bordentown: Pemberton, Highland, Cinnaminson, Burlington City, Robbinsville, Holy Cross, Florence, Delran, New Egypt

Cinnaminson: Robbinsville, Willingboro, Bordentown, Hamilton West, Holy Cross, Lawrence, Burlington City, Pemberton, Delran

Delran: Holy Cross, Lawrence, Robbinsville, Ewing, Pemberton, Hopewell, Camden Catholic, Bordentown, Cinnaminson

Holy Cross: Delran, Palmyra, Pemberton, Florence, Cinnaminson, Willingboro, Bordentown, Burlington Twp., Robbinsville

Pemberton: Bordentown, Florence, Holy Cross, Nottingham, Delran, Robbinsville, Deptford, Cinnaminson, NBC


Bishop Eustace: Woodrow Wilson, Burlington City, Highland, Gloucester Catholic, Cumberland, Camden, Glassboro, Camden Catholic, Pennsauken

Camden: Highland, Delsea, Cumberland, Willingboro, Camden Catholic, Glassboro, Bishop Eustace, Penns Grove, Woodrow Wilson

Camden Catholic: Cumberland, Gloucester Catholic, Woodrow Wilson, Deptford, Camden, Highland, Delran, Bishop Eustace, Paul VI

Cumberland: Camden Catholic, Penns Grove, Camden, Bishop Eustace, Woodstown, Woodrow Wilson, Winslow, Highland, Schalick

Highland: Camden, Bordentown, Bishop Eustace, Triton, Woodrow Wilson, Deptford, Camden Catholic, Pennsville, Cumberland

Woodrow Wilson: Bishop Eustace, Triton, Camden Catholic, Palmyra, Highland, Schalick, Cumberland, Willingboro, Camden

PATRIOT (SJ teams)

Burlington Twp.: Hopewell, Moorestown, NBC, WWPS, Lawrence, Willingboro, Holy Cross, Ewing, RV

NBC: Willingboro, CH East, Burlington Twp., RV, Ewing, Lawrence, WWPS, Hopewell, Pemberton

Willingboro: NBC, Cinnaminson, Ewing, Camden, Hopewell, Holy Cross, Burlington Twp., Woodrow Wilson, Lawrence


Cherry Hill West: Triton, Shawnee, PVI, Hammonton, Seneca, Moorestown, Clearview, Winslow, CH East

Moorestown: Winslow, Burlington Twp., Seneca, Shawnee, Triton, Hammonton, CHW, Timber Creek, PVI

Paul VI: Seneca, Clearview, CHW, Delsea, Winslow, Triton, Kingsway, Moorestown, Camden Catholic

Seneca: PVI, Lenape, Moorestown, CHE, CHW, Winslow, Shawnee, Triton, Cherokee

Triton: CHW, Woodrow Wilson, Winslow, Highland, Moorestown, PVI, Delsea, Seneca, Timber Creek

Winslow: Moorestown, Pennsauken, Triton, Kingsway, PVI, Princeton, Seneca, Cumberland, CHW


Clearview: Delsea, PVI, Eastern, Hammonton, Williamstown, Timber Creek, CHW, Pennsauken, Kingsway

Delsea: Clearview, Camden, Timber Creek, PVI, Pennsauken, Eastern, Hammonton, Triton, Kingsway

Hammonton: Kingsway, Washington Twp., Pennsauken, CHW, Clearview, Moorestown, Delsea, Williamstown, Timber Creek

Kingsway: Hammonton, Williamstown, Winslow, Timber Creek, Washington Twp., Pennsauken, PVI, Delsea, Clearview

Pennsauken: Timber Creek, Winslow, Hammonton, Williamstown, Delsea, Kingsway, Washington Twp., Clearview, Bishop Eustace

Timber Creek: Pennsauken, Cherokee, Delsea, Washington Twp., Kingsway, Clearview, Moorestown, Hammonton, Triton


Lenape: Nottingham, Seneca, Trenton, Allentown, Cherokee, Notre Dame, CHE, RV, Shawnee

Rancocas Valley: Trenton, Eastern, Notre Dame, NBC, Nottingham, Allentown, Cherokee, Lenape, Burlington Twp.


Cherokee: Washington Twp., Timber Creek, Eastern, Williamstown, Lenape, Shawnee, RV, CHE, Seneca

Cherry Hill East: Eastern, NBC, Williamstown, Seneca, Shawnee, Washington Twp., Lenape, Cherokee, CHW

Eastern: CHE, RV, Cherokee, Clearview, Washington Twp., Delsea, Williamstown, Trenton, Shawnee

Shawnee: Williamstown, CHW, Washington Twp., Moorestown, CHE, Cherokee, Seneca, Eastern, Lenape

Washington Twp.: Cherokee, Hammonton, Shawnee, Timber Creek, Eastern, Kingsway, CHE, Pennsauken, Williamstown

Williamstown: Shawnee, Kingsway, CHE, Pennsauken, Cherokee, Clearview, Eastern, Hammonton, Washington Twp.

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