Boston Marathon: Salem man's family was in


By Phil Anastasia

Brad Spicer, a 37-year-old teacher and former basketball coach from Salem, ran his first Boston Marathon on Monday.

His family -- mom, dad, son and nephew -- waited for around four hours for Spicer to finish the race.

They waited, Spicer said, in the "exact" spot of the first explosion.

"They were right there," Spicer said in a telephone interview on his way back to South Jersey from Boston. "They were standing in that exact spot. They were right in front of that sporting goods store and that candy store.

"My son and nephew went into that candy store."

Spicer,  middle-school math teacher who was Salem High's basketball coach from 2003-09, finished the race in three hours and two minutes.

The first explosion was at around 4:09 on race clock.

"I'm OK because my family is OK," Spicer said. "My heart goes out to the ones who weren't so fortunate."

Spicer said his mother, Kathy, and father, Don, along with his son Jaxson and nephew Donovan left the sidewalk area near the finish line to meet with him after he completed the race.

Spicer said his mom had struck up a conversation with a woman from North Carolina who was waiting for her daughter to finish.

He said the woman told his mom that her daughter was likely to finish in four or four-and-a-half hours.

"My mom said if she still was waiting for her daughter in that spot, she would have been right where the bomb went off," Spicer said.

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