PA horse rescue now needs a savior

 (York Dispatch)

For thirteen years Kelly Young, founder of Lost and Found Horse Rescue, has combed the kill pens at the infamous New Holland auction in Lancaster County, plucking those horses, donkeys and mules that she can save from the slaughterhouse and giving them a new chance at life. In all, she estimates she's placed 1,000 equines.

Now Young has lost her patron saint and could lose her York County farm.

Just as the hype builds around the famed Kentucky Derby consider the compelling stories of some former racing champions - and hundreds of other horses large and small, young and old, money winners and not - who were one step away from ending up on dinner plates in France when Young found them. Writes Newark Star-Ledger columnist emeritus Jerry Izenberg:

But on that same day, light-years away from the juleps and the tote boards and “My Old Kentucky Home,” other long-forgotten thoroughbreds, standardbreds and show horses will be in a different kind of fight . . . a shameful last stand in defense of their very lives . . . a fight most of them will lose. 

All that stands between them and the horrific killer factories of Mexico and Canada and the dinner tables of Europe and Japan are a nationwide chain of determined rescuers who save more lives than you think but in sheer numbers lose more battles than they can ever hope to win.

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