Will city take over animal control in Phila.?

Ominous sounding words from the Philadelphia Health Department as city officials and the Pennsylvania SPCA wrangle over a new animal control contract.

The current contract expires July 1 and the city and the PSPCA are almost one million apart on the amount available versus what the non-profit says it will take to run the shelter.

The city has only budgeted $2.8 million for animal control and the PSPCA says it needs $3.8 million to handle the 30,000 cats, dogs, horses, chickens and other animals it takes in every year.  The news comes as the shelter's "save rate" has dropped from 59 percent in 2008 to 46 percent last year.

City Health Commissioner Donald Schwarz said if the PSPCA can't agree to stick within the budget the city will take over and that has sparked concern among animal welfare activists.

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