Where's Steve? This little piggie came home

Where's Steve? Back home in Ridley we are happy to report. Last week the piglet escaped from his yard only to be picked up by police and whisked away to an undisclosed location, During that time he garnered global attention - and first place in a philly.com contest of favorite pigs of all time, ahead of Arnold, the Green Acres pig. Today Steve's a pig in a blanket, cozy and warm, wrapped in his own bed and the loving arms of his family. 

The Daily News reports on the jubilant reunion:

The wurst is over for Steve the pig.

The sweet-faced, potbellied porker that Ridley Township officials sent off to a farm near Reading - which some feared was just a euphemism for a quick trip to Spam country - has been returned to his jubilant owners.

Ridley Township Commissioner Michael McCrea personally delivered Steve to Brian Maguire, Maguire's girlfriend, Bernadette Broadhurst, said in an email.

"Steve is back! Mr. McCrea dropped him off a little earlier tonight," she wrote.

The details of the handoff were unavailable late last night, and even Broadhurst was unsure as to why the township officials had changed their minds.

The ordeal started last week when the 6-pound baby pig got out of Maguire's yard and decided to stroll through Ridley Township, where he local cops picked him up in an alley.

A township ordinance forbidding farm animals prompted police to send Steve off to a farm near Reading, but cops wouldn't tell the couple where they had sent their $424 pet.

"They said they had put the pig up for 'adoption.' You can't do that. That's my pet! I have the paperwork," Maguire told the Daily News this week. "They won't give me an address, phone number, the name of the farm, anything."

As officials clammed up, the "Where is Steve?" rallying cry was quickly getting attention on Facebook, and a friend of Maguire's and Broadhurst's started printing T-shirts with the slogan.

Apparently, the pressure was too much for Ridley officials.

And little Steve made it wee, wee, wee, all the way home.