West Paw 'Tizzi' toy flies far, plays hard

When it comes to retrieving toys, it's often tough to find toy that is both, well, tough and easy to throw long distance.

The Tizzi by West Paw Design fits that bill. 

Alice gets a workout with Tizzi toy

The Tizzi is one of a line of dog toys by West Paw that use a recyclable material called Zogoflex. It is nontoxic, buoyant and pliable.

Odd looking it may be, but boy can the Tizzi fly. Twist the legs and its high flying aerodynamic design helps it soar long distances. Untwist the legs and there's a pouch to hide treats during chew time.

I invited a test dog, Alice, and her "ball tosser" to try out the Tizzi. Here's Alice's report:

Hi, my name is Alice. I am a black labrador retriever and I am 8-years-old. I have had two major knee surgeries but I am in great health and love to PLAY. Today i got a package from the good girl treat guy in the brown truck and it had one of these in it. I showed it to my ball tosser and he took me to the field to try it out. WEEEEE it just flew and I had to run so fast to get it and it bounced. So cool. I chewed it a bit on my back and brough it to the tosser and dropped it for him. He threw it again and it went so much farther than my other toys. I raced to it and lay down and chewed it a little bit. I like that too because it doesn't come apart and I can carry it by the ball or the feet. I ran back and got ready for another throw. My toy thrower said it is so easy to pick up and throw and it goes so far. This toy is so much fun and I love it. He took pictures of me racing around with it. I am attaching them. I would tell everyone who likes to chase things and loves super long throws to ask for one of these.

My name is Alice and I have not been compensated for this review (Well, ok, I did get a cool toy out of the deal).

A few Tizzi users report on the West Paw site that their dogs tore a leg off or cracked the plastic.

Not Alice, reports her ball tosser. But, worry not, West Paw guarantees its durability and will replace any damaged toy. The toy, U.S.-made (!) in Montana, comes in two sizes, mini and regular, and sells for $10. It is available at stores that carry West Paw products or at the West Paw website.


 (Photo/Christopher Gardner)