Weekend animal news: State dog law, Delco strays, Jersey vaccine clinic


In today's Inquirer (Corbett: Bite or Just Bark?)  is a reworked and expanded version of a blog post I wrote a few weeks ago about controversial changes Gov. Corbett is putting into place in the agency charged with protecting dogs in commercial breeding kennels. the picture above, by the way, was taken at Almost Heaven Kennel in Emmaus in Oct. 2008 when the Pennsylvania SPCA - not the Department of Agriculture - took action to remove sick and injured dogs belonging to Derbe Eckart, one of the state's worst puppy mill operators who was sent to prison as a result. His kennel was later shut down by the Bureau of Dog Law Enforcement as a result of the cruelty conviction.

Also today, with three days, 1 hour and 37 minutes until Delaware County has no more animal control, the Delaware County Times looks back on how the county ended up with the stray dpg amd cat crisis. (The last word was a deal was in the works with the county SPCA to extend its deadline to pull out of animal control.

No firm deal on Delco's strays but one escaped cow can look forward to having a future not on a plate. On Friday the Inquirer reported that thanks to intervention by an area Muslim group and a "pardoning" by Gov. Corbett, the cow has been saved.

In South Jersey today about 100 people and their dogs turned out for an emergency vaccine clinic in Woolrich Township after an outbreak of parvovirus that killed at least 10 dogs. The Inquirer reports dog owners were happy to spend $10 for a vaccine compared to the heartbreak and thousands in vet bills that comes with this often fatal disease.