Vick to speak to kids in puppy mill Capital

It was bound to happen sooner or later: The world's most notorious dog fighter making an appearance in the puppy mill center of the East.

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is scheduled to speak at a charity event sponsored for at-risk youths in Lancaster County on April 29.

Children Deserve A Chance founder Jordan Steffy told the Lancaster Intelligencer he was moved by the remorse expressed by Vick's about letting down the people people around him. No mention of letting down the untold number of animals he tortured and killed as part of his dog-fighting ring.

Lancaster County has the highest concentration of commercial kennels in the state. Conditions in the large breeding kennels, where tens of thousands of dogs are consigned to lives in rabbit hutches, were the focus of the toughened state dog law and continue to generate criticism and bad publicity for Lancaster. 

Organizers say they expect as many as 4,000 people to attend the event at the Lancaster Convention Center.