Vick rehabilitation tour continues

Here's the latest on the Michael Vick rehab tour courtesy of my Inquirer sports department colleagues, Jeff McLane and Bob Brookover:

Michael Vick was to appear at Germantown High this morning as part of his ongoing public penance. The Eagles quarterback has already made several appearances as local high schools.

"He's going to be talking to 100 members of Germantown High School about dogfighting and making poor decisions," Eagles spokeswoman Pamela Browner-Crawley said. "A lot of these organizations and schools reach out to us because they feel they have an issue and they feel that Michael has something to bring to the table. Quite frankly, when people see Michael, they see someone who is more like they are. It's hard for you and me to go some place and say how terrible we think something is. When Michael talks to them about it, I think they really hear it. It's almost like going to France and talking a person who speaks French with you."

The Eagles, meanwhile, announced the launching of their new initiative, the Eagles TAWK (Treating Animals With Kindness) community outreach program. TAWK is a new comprehensive community outreach initiative to reduce the abuse of animals, promote responsible adoption, encourage spay and neuter and put an end to dog fighting through increased public education and awareness.

The Eagles will provide a matching grant of $50,000 each for three initial programs: End Dogfighting Program, Low-cost Spay and Neuter Facility, and Mobile Veterinary Clinic.

"When we were putting together what our mission represented, these were the organizations we felt had impact," Browner-Crawley said. "The other part of it is there they had more impact and impacted a broader audience. At the same time, they are organizations that are not quite comfortable about stepping forward to work with the Eagles. They're concerned about donor-based issues because it was a very polarizing moment when we brought Michael Vick to town, so people are still trying to get over it. We're still talking and they're still trying to figure out with us how we can be helpful in helping them obtain their goals and objectives for each organization."