Vick and the unmasking of the 'Eagles' lie'

After Sunday's defeat at the hands of the Oakland Raiders, Inquirer sports columnist Bob Ford pulls no punches at what he says may well be the "Eagles' lie:" signing Michael Vick as a back up quarterback. He says if that was Vick's intended role he would have gotten far more playing time in Oakland.

Ford writes this about the costly off-field consequences of the Eagles bargain-basement deal for an ex-con:

The acquisition came at a cost that can't be measured on the salary cap. A large portion of the fan base was outraged about adding Vick to the roster, and the organization has had to cough up a lot of money in executing a public-relations campaign about reducing animal cruelty that was transparently cynical in its timing. If the organization really cares this much about puppies and kitties, why didn't it start the campaign some other year? Some coincidence.

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