Vick: 'I would still be dogfighting if I wasn't caught'

Hand it to Michael Vick, at least he's honest.

Vick was speaking at a Philadelphia school on Tuesday about the evils of dog fighting when a student asked him a pointed question: Would he still be involved in dog fighting if he hadn't gotten caught. Vick's answer, "Yes."

Honest, yes. But it also vindicates many critics who said the same thing when Vick was signed by the Eagles in August 2009.

Vick's speaking engagement at Juniata Park Academy was part of his arrangement with the Humane Society of the United States to speak out against animal cruelty and encourage young people to treat animals with kindness. 

Do you think Vick's attitude toward animals has truly changed in the past two years? Is he on the path to redemption? Or is he saying what he thinks people want to hear to redeem his tarnished image?

(Thank you ohmidog for calling out the Philly video from his trailer in the Arizona desert)

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