Time to get fixed? World Spay Day is Feb. 28

The return of the robins. The first tulip bulbs poking up through the mulch. Countless roaming cats pregnant yet again. Ah yes, it's almost spring.

With World Spay Day upon us (Feb. 28) what better way to attack that last sign of spring than to get thy pet to a vet for a little snip, snip.

Everyone in your household pet family fixed already? Then how about helping out with a feral cat colony or donating to any number of wonderful organizations that provide free or low cost spay/neuter services for pets.

One innovative idea comes from the FixIt Foundation, a national group dedicated to reducing the numbers of animals killed in shelters by targetting the problem on the front end: rampant overbreeding.

The group has set up a website www.getyourfix.orgto match needy animal owners or caretakers with donors. The foundation is in the middle of a fascinating sounding experiment in pet population control on the island of St. Croix. They chose the island because it provided a closed environment to test the success of an island-wide spay/neuter program.

Meanwhile, back in Philadelphia, the PSPCA is offering its "Beat the Heat" program, providing $20 spay surgeries for female cats through February. (Thanks PetSmart Charities!) 

To schedule an appointment call the PSPCA at 215-426-6304.

Looking for free or low cost spay/neuter services in your community? Check out the ASPCA's interactive web feature. Plug in your town or zip code and it will direct you to programs in your area.

Attention Philadelphia area or South Jersey shelter groups: If you have any special springtime spay/neuter programs let me know (aworden@phillynews.com) and I will post them.