Tidy Cats 'Power Blend' litter gets two paws up

tidy cat

A few months ago I coaxed Melissa Daniels, a colleague in the Capitol newsroom here in Harrisburg - and her test kitty Furball - to try out the new Tidy Cats "Power Blend" litter. Here's their report:


When you talk to non-cat owners, the subject of the litter box often comes up with a dash of dare-not-be-spoken-aloud disgust.

“But how do you clean it?” “Doesn’t it smell?”

Answers: Very easily, and not if you’re doing it right.

As a longtime cat owner, I take on litter box duties with appropriate responsibility. Most of my apartment has a pretty thick tan carpet, and the concept of little bits of litter dust getting tracked through my apartment is a domestic headache. But I do shop on a budget, generally choosing generic scoopable litter to meet my darling Furball’s needs without costing a third of my grocery budget.

So when PhillyDawg blog asked me to try out its promotional product Tidy Cats “Power Blend” scoopable litter with its new two-handle jug, I thought it was a great chance to try something new.

The big news here is the two-handled jug Purina recently debuted. There’s one handle on the top, and one on the side. This is meant to make for easy pouring, or two-handed use.

I can safely report I had no problems pouring this litter (though I never noticed such a problem in the first place!). I found favored the side handle to maneuver the 14-pound jug. But when the jug almost emptied out, I suppose it was useful to have that side handle instead of having to twist my arm upside down, or monkey with a bag.

As for the product itself, cleaning up after Furball was a quick process. I found the litter clumps to be a bit more adhesive than other brands. With some brands, you’ll find clumps can easily break apart if you scoop at the wrong angle, or that litter will stick to the pan more than you’d like. But Tidy Cat was true to its name.

This variety, “Power Blend,” uses clay and silica gels for maximum odor control, and it seems to work great. While I clean the catbox on a fairly regular basis, I don’t think anyone who entered my apartment would’ve known I owned a cat – or had a litter box in the closet!

A word or two on the promotional materials: Tidy Cat’s neon yellow label may be pretty recognizable to those who wander through the cat supplies aisle, but Purina takes their press outreach to fairly thematic heights.

The jug of litter packaged in a cardboard box was addressed to “my dear Bloggerfriend,” courtesy of Hans Hansenberg. He is a distinctly German Tidy Cats “Innovationist,” who was upset that litter containers weren’t made for the “two-handed.” Hans is photographed looking more like a Best Buy sales guy than a litter rep, with round plastic glasses and curly mad-scientist hair. See a video of Hans on YouTube demonstrating his invention below.

So hats off to Hans for finding a sleek way to market a less-than-stylish product. And as for price, I wasn’t too shocked after I did a little research. A 27-pound container of Tidy Cat Scoopable “Power Blend” retails for $10.99 at PetSmart.

Photo/Melissa Daniels