This week's edition of Animal Watch

The following are some of the recent cases investigated by the Pennsylvania SPCA. Headquartered at 350 E. Erie Avenue in Philadelphia, the PSPCA operates six branches throughout the state. For more information, call 215-426-6300 or visit To report animal cruelty call 1-866-601-SPCA.

Abandoned Cat Rescued

22nd and Moore Streets, Philadelphia. A young cat was rescued after spending two weeks alone in a house with no food or water. The cat, believed to be less than one year old, was abandoned by its owners shortly before Christmas. Neighbors reported the cat to the PSPCA’s cruelty hot line and the officer who responded found the cat pawing at the window. The cat is recovering at the PSPCA.

Amputee Kitten Looking for Good Home

Azulita, a four-month old orange and white kitten brought to the PSPCA after her hind leg was smashed in an accident, is looking for a new home. The cat’s injuries were so extensive that PSPCA vets needed to amputate the leg. The cat’s family could not afford the medical care and surrendered her for adoption. According to PSPCA medical staff Azulita is in fine health and will be able to live a normal life.

Convicted Animal Abuser Ordered to Pay Over $16,000 in Restitution

6800 Edmund Street, Philadelphia. A woman found guilty of neglecting her cat, a dove and two dogs lost her appeal and was ordered to pay $16,640 in restitution to the PSPCA for the housing, veterinary care and food the organization provided to the animals after they were removed from the woman’s home last summer. The woman was also ordered to pay $50 per animal in court fines and forbidden from owning an animal for a year. The PSPCA was called to the defendant’s home on July 27, 2008, cited the owner with unsanitary confinement and removed the animals from the property. The defendant was convicted on the charges in November.

Softball-Sized Tumor Removed from Dog

8000 block Fayette Street, Philadelphia. A 10-year-old boxer mix dog is recovering at the PSPCA’s animal hospital after tail amputation surgery. The dog had a softball-sized tumor on his tail, which owners said had existed since the dog was a puppy. His owners will be cited for neglect.

Emaciated Dogs on Road to Recovery

3400 Block Old York Road, Philadelphia. Two starving dogs were removed from a home. The one-year-old Boston terrier mix and a two-year-old Rottweiler mix, were emaciated, officers said. The dogs were surrendered by the owners. The terrier has been adopted. The Rottweiler mix is receiving medical treatment at the PSPCA’s animal hospital.