The cats of Tiger Ranch are free at last

The cats of Tiger Ranch are free at last.

The 240 survivors of Tiger Ranch, a filthy, disease-ridden Pittsburgh area shelter raided by the Pennsylvania SPCA in 2008, are now available for adoption.

Tiger Ranch operator Linda Bruno (also known as Lin Marie) voluntarily surrendered the cats as part of a plea deal on cruelty charges last month. She was facing as many as 600 charges for the number of sick and injured animals found on her property last year. Bruno pleaded guilty to 12 animal cruelty charges and will be sentenced on Oct. 5.

Somehow these courageous felines - many of them ferals or strays brought in by rescuers from all over the East Coast and midwest who believed they would be cared for - survived unspeakable neglect and suffering at the so-called cat sanctuary in Frazer. Humane agents found a horrific scene when they arrived at the 29-acre property in March 2008: rooms filled with feces and urine, crowded with dying cats suffering from highly contagious and painful but treatable diseases.

The PSPCA has been caring for the cats - including Kiki shown at the time of her rescue at left - at its former shelter in Clarion County for 18 months at a cost of more than $225,000.

 “We are committed to finding new homes for each and every animal affected by this case,” said Sue Cosby, chief executive officer of the Pennsylvania SPCA.

Many of the cats rescued were severely ill and had to be humanely euthanized. The survivors were mostly young cats - many of which were either feral or very frightened of humans - but most have become more trusting with daily socialization, PSPCA officials said.


“Most of the cats that we rescued were under three years of age, so cats left at Tiger Ranch before September 2007 were probably not there when we acted on the search warrant last year,” said George Bengal, director of law enforcement for the PSPCA. "These are mostly young cats that have long lives ahead of them."


The cats - including Kiki, shown here after treatment and healing - are available at the Clarion County facility, 9562 Route 322 in Shippensville, Pennsylvania beginning on  Aug. 31. The cost of adoption is $60 and interested adopters should visit the shelter in person. Adoption hours are Monday thru Saturday, 10 a.m. until 5 p.m.


The PSPCA is also reaching out to the animal rescue group community to help find homes for these cats. Not for profit, 501(c)3 rescue groups wishing to assist with the Tiger Ranch cats should contact Ray Little,, 215-426-6300, ext. 251.