The rescuers and the rescued: Animals and the Japan earthquake



Amid the destruction and catastrophic loss of life in Japan, some bright spots are emerging. Untold numbers of animals were undoubtedly lost in the disaster, but reports are beginning to emerge of tiny miacles in the midst of the chaos. The video below is one. It follows a woman as she searches the wreckage of her home (hat tip to Paw Print Post) for her pet cat.

Meanwhile, efforts are underway to help the four-legged storm victims. The Humane Society of the United States and its partner Humane Society International have staged a disaster response team is in the Philippines, waiting to deploy, and coordinating contacts with Japanese groups.

Many people who lived in the path of Hurricane Katrina died because they would not leave their pets behind. Many others fled with pets in tow. Japanese pet owners - some separated from their families - too grabbed their dog and cats and ran for their lives. One Japanese correspondent told HSUS, “The local media reported running into a man walking through the rubble. He said he was looking for his wife…and when the reporter looked again a small Chihuahua was peeking out from under his overcoat. ‘I ran as fast as I could with him and the cat, but the cat got lost in the turmoil...’ were his words.”

To donate go to In addition, Camp Bow Wow, a national chain of boarding kennels, through its BowWow Buddies Foundation is accepting donations to support the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, which has deployed U.S. search dogs and their handlers to assist in recovery efforts in Japan.  Here is the story of Riley of Santa Barbara and his valiant efforts to find life in the rubble.