TV report shines spotlight on PA's pet gas chambers

Some 2,000 dogs and cats were taken in by the Venango County Humane Society shelter in northwestern Pennsylvania. For many their last stop was a metal gas chamber, chillingly nicknamed the "Sleep Angel."

WTAE-TV in Pittsburgh blows the cover on one of the three remaining shelters in this state that destroy unwanted animals by stuffing them in a box and gassing them.

A bill (SB 1329) that is pending in the Pennsylvania Senate would outlaw the use of carbon monoxide and require that animals be euthanized by lethal injection.

The measure, called Daniel's Law, passed out of committee last year but hit a bump in the road when questions were raised about exemptions for commercial kennels, which must, under the state dog law, use a veterinarian to euthanize their dogs.

Martin Indars, a spokesman for bill sponsor Sen. Andy Dinniman (D., Chester), included the language to ensure that veterinarians who work within commercial kennels would not be exempt from the new euthanasia restrictions in his bill.

He said the language is being removed because of the perception that it would again give commercial kennel owners the right to euthanize their dogs.

Many ask: why does Pennsylvania, a state in the progressive northeast still allow this barbaric method of "euthanasia?"  After all 19 states - including several in the South - have banned the practice.

WTAE-TV gets answers to that question in its troubling report. Caution, the video contains disturbing images.