TV report exposes illegal NJ puppy seller

For two decades William "Bill" Roberts has been selling sick puppies illegally to unsuspecting consumers in South Jersey and Philadelphia.

Many of these puppies come from puppy mills in Pennsylvania and Ohio. He sells them with bogus paperwork and no veterinary records.

Robert was busted by the New Jersey SPCA in 2008 when officers found 28 sick dogs in his basement closet at his Franklinville home. He was charged with willfully selling dogs with contagious diseases but a judge threw out the case on administrative grounds - it took too long to bring him to trial. Roberts turned around and sued the NJSPCA..

And he kept selling sick dogs.

An investigative report by 6/ABC Action News Philadelphia that aired last night shines a fresh light on Roberts and provides ample red flags for anyone considering buying a puppy off the Internet. We only regret the fact the news report failed to press the NJSPCA and health officials in New Jersey on why they have allowed him to continue to operate.