Spray paint shames dog deposit scofflaws in UK


You may have heard of some communities and home owner's associations going all CSI in their pursuit of owners who don't pick up after their dogs.

We're talking about poop patrollers who scoop up deposits and send them to labs for DNA testing to nail the culprits.

Now a community in the UK is trying a new tactic: spray paint.

The Gloucestersire councul has started to spray stray dog doo bright orange in an effort to shame irresponsible owners, according to a BBC report.

Some residents say they are alarmed at the amount of dog waste left behind on the streets by owners.



Community leaders say public health is at risk with the potential spread of the infection toxocarnasis, particularly among children.

With no dog warden, the council is encourgaging neighbors to rat each other out. Scofflaws can face fine of up to $1,000 pounds or about $1,500 U.S.