Shake up on Chesco SPCA board

Changes are coming to the board of the embattled Chester County SPCA.

A plan is in the works that will increase the number of members and give voice to Delaware County - which is sending all of its stray animals there.

The deal, brokered by Sen. Andrew Dinniman (D., Chester), calls for adding 11 members to the board to begin work in October.

“It will be the job of the new board to improve and maintain the SPCA’s public profile, to reach out and regain the confidence of its donor base, and to address the SPCA’s operational challenges, which include the lack of an executive director and an operations manager,” Dinniman said in a statement. “It is an ambitious agenda, but failure is not an option.

The SPCA has been under fire from animal welfare advocates over its high euthanasia rate.unqualified medical staff and allegations of abuse of shelter animals. In addition, a land deal involving board president Conrad Muhly, state grant money and a parcel designated for a dog park is raising questions of potential conflict of interest.

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