Sen. Kennedy recalled as animal advocate, Rendell to sign dog bill

While he may be best remembered for his work advancing the causes of civil rights and health care, Sen. Edward Kennedy also championed animal causes. He most recently introduced President Obama and his family to the Portuguese Water Dog breeder who produced First Dog Bo. But long before Bo, Kennedy was an ally to advocates on farm animal issue, animals in research and wildlife.

Wayne Pacelle, president of the Humane Society of the United States, recalls Kennedy's efforts to make the U.S. a more humane place for animals in his blog today.

Meanwhile, Pennsylvania's highest-ranking animal welfare advocate, Gov. Rendell, tomorrow signs the long-awaited dog cruelty bill. The bill, HB 39, will make it illegal for anyone except a veterinarian to perform surgical procedures such as debarking or surgical births. Most of the provisions in the legislation take effect in 60 days.