Saving strays that others forgot in island paradise

Tourists know Puerto Rico for its white sand beaches and crystal blue water.

New Yorker Christina Beckles, a former Golden Gloves boxing champion, and a handful of stalwart volunteers, know the dark side of life on the island for thousands of unwanted dogs.

Beckles is now considered the savior of Dead Dog Beach, the place where people dump dogs: elderly mutts, puppies in taped up boxes, emaciated strays.

Beckles tells the New York Times she founded the Sato Project to bring hope where there was none.

Puerto Rican shelters which have an abyssmal 97 percent euthanasia rate.

And yes, there are far too many unwanted dogs here.

But as one adopter put it, "A saved dog is a saved dog, it doesn't matter where it comes from."

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(Photo/Christina Beckles/New York Times/Michelle V. Agins)